• Animate It!

    Get some tips on making your animated masterpiece or view our competition winners.

    Animate It!

What is Explore More?

Welcome to our collection of online games, extra information, activities and ideas. This is your chance to review and share any videos, pics or stats you saved during your visit. Just register your ticket and start exploring.

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With so much to choose from you may need help choosing what to explore first. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Tickle your taste buds - an experiment you can try in the kitchen to discover if you're a supertaster.
  • How many like me - find out how your genes have shaped your appearance.
  • Startle - a high speed camera captures the moment of shock for a highly enjoyable movie.
  • Animate it - watch and edit your animations, or view some of our competition winners.
  • Genome explorer - ever wondered what the DNA in your cells actually does? Dip a toe into the world of genomics with our quick guide.