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Keywords: energy

  • Moving magnets

    How fast will it fall?

    Keywords: Forces, Exhibit, Energy

  • Future fuel

    Can water provide fuel?

    Keywords: Water, Exhibit, Energy

  • Seeing sound

    Create a standing wave

    Keywords: Exhibit, Sound & hearing, Energy, Waves

  • Reflect it

    Lasers and mirrors

    Keywords: Exhibit, Energy, Light & vision, Waves

  • Hot or cold?

    How does heat transfer?

    Keywords: Exhibit, Energy

  • Under pressure

    Air pressure & a ping pong

    Keywords: Forces, Air & the atmosphere, Exhibit, Energy

  • Pump it up

    Hydro-electric fun

    Keywords: Exhibit, Energy

  • Food fuel

    How much energy is in food?

    Keywords: Digestion, Exhibit, Energy

  • Store it

    Generate and store electricity

    Keywords: Exhibit, Energy

  • Watch Water Freeze

    Polarised lenses make the beautiful crystal structure of ice visible

    Keywords: Water, Chemistry, Earth Science, Exhibit, Energy

  • Weather Forecast

    Try your hand at being a weather presenter in our very own studio

    Keywords: Air & the atmosphere, Earth Science, Exhibit, Energy

  • Heat Cam

    Try viewing a world of heat using our infra red camera

    Keywords: Earth Science, Exhibit, Energy, Light & vision

  • Changing World

    A number of films showing how materials move around our planet

    Keywords: Rocks & Geology, Water, Ecology, Earth Science, Exhibit, Energy

  • Convection

    Create your own convection currents and discover how energy drives the movement of matter

    Keywords: Rocks & Geology, Water, Earth Science, Exhibit, Energy

  • Little Rotters

    Find out what decomposers like for lunch

    Keywords: Ecology, Earth Science, Exhibit, Energy

  • Food

    Keywords: Food, Chemistry, Senses, Digestion, Exhibit, Energy, Human Biology

  • Investigate

    These experiments will keep you busy for hours exploring energy, forces and structures.

    Keywords: Energy

  • Food diary

    Try working out your energy intake for a meal, a day or even a week!

    Keywords: Digestion, Activity, Experiment, Energy, Human Biology

  • Food energy

    How does the food we eat become the energy we burn?

    Keywords: Digestion, Exhibit, Energy, Human Biology

  • Ecosphere

    This small glass sphere is almost completely self sufficient

    Keywords: Water, Ecology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Digestion, Exhibit, Energy

  • Digestive run

    A journey through the digestive system

    Keywords: Digestion, Exhibit, Energy, Human Biology

  • Power a brain

    Find out how much energy you need to keep a brain ticking over

    Keywords: Brain & nervous system, Exhibit, Energy, Human Biology